About Us

We like when it’s clean around

Tidy4Me is the leading platform for connecting individuals looking for on-demand household cleaning services from Top-quality, Pre-screened independent cleaning professionals.

Tidy4Me instantly matches customers every week with top-rated professionals in cities all around the World. With a no-hassle booking process, secure payment, and backed by the Tidy4Me Happiness Guarantee. We have the easiest, most convenient way to book cleaning services at an affordable price. Tidy4Me Happiness Guarantee also covers you in the event of Damages and more from our Independent cleaners.

Our company

TIDY4Me is Mission Driven

Our advanced technology system will change the way consumers receive on-demand cleaning services.

TIDY4Me will create 100,000 good jobs by 2025

Our company advanced on-demand cleaning technology model is spreading Worldwide and we will be the leaders of consumers receiving same-day quality services instantly. Our Independent Housekeepers are entrepreneurs, who help many families with important and frustrating tasks in the home. Housekeepers do much more than clean. TIDY4Me empowers our Housekeepers to better understand client needs and to deliver better service. With the help of technology, Housekeepers can help more people than ever.

By empowering our Housekeepers, we will help create good jobs that have meaning, pay well, and will last.


We help more money go to Homekeepers, less to management.

Traditionally, managers and middlemen took a significant share of cleaning income. TIDY4Me does not have manager costs or franchise fees, allowing Homekeepers to make more.

As entrepreneurs, Homekeepers traditionally had to do a lot of unpaid work like scheduling, payments, logistics, & coordination. We have automated away these tasks. This allows Homekeepers to focus on their clients and spend more time earning.

We enable more flexible work for Homekeepers.

All TIDY4Me Homekeepers set their own hours. With this flexibility, we give opportunities to many who might not otherwise have been able to enter the workforce.

We believe families will always want humans to help them do important tasks in the home. Today, much of the help involves cleaning.


Our mission to create 100,000 good jobs is still in the early stages. We have a real opportunity and a pragmatic approach to make a difference. Thank you for your support.